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Welcome to my Profile

2011-01-27 11:00:49 by rockyace42

Look around! Check out my flash(es), music, and artwork!

Happy Robot Day!

2010-07-09 23:59:47 by rockyace42

Happy Robot Day, NG! Hopefully even G-Bot will join in on the festivities!

I was so anxious I posted this a minute early!

Newswise: (for all 0 of you that care) I updated Lever Factory's old icon (it almost has a score of 4! Not 5'd by me everyday at all!) to the new 140 by 90 format. I also added and updated the icons for my music.



EDIT: Looks like my newspost was the first of Robot Day! Huzzah! (yeah, it was a minute early, shut up. The clock on my computer said 12... so YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR THE EXTRA 3 SECONDS THIS POST WAS IN THE WORLD.)

EDIT2: Robot userpic by Chdonga!

EDIT3: I got rid of the old pieced together banner pic (being as MC has now posted the official one) and instead replaced it with a picture of an Iron Man Robot I made in Beat Bot.

Happy Robot Day!

April Fools is Lacking

2010-04-01 11:24:47 by rockyace42

Really Newgrounds? Sure this is OK, but it doesn't live up to previous years. It's just kinda lame...

Newswise: Made a RainPuke, may submit it to the art portal, ate a bagel... thats about it. wooooooooo


First Flash Submitted Sucessfully!

2010-01-11 18:59:46 by rockyace42

Hey Everyone! My first flash Lever Factory passed judgment. Go show it some love!


On another note, I may be making something for a certain collab in the distant future, so stay tuned.

Ching Chong Beautiful Let's Play!

2009-12-24 09:50:26 by rockyace42

Check this out

/* */
No, that's not me, thats Atomaround/Hlaine, and damn does this guy do great LPs. I suggested the game to him, and if you watch the video for a bit, you'll hear my name. Woot! Sure, he might fail or be oblivious at times, but seriously, subscribe to him!

At the moment I'm addicted to Atomaround, Jay012345678912, and DeceasedCrab. Jay's got a great accent, and DC is probably the funniest of them all, except he beats the game before doing the LP, which kinda takes the fun out of it. They're probably the reason why I don't really post in the Forums much anymore, I spend too much time on youtube.

Hanukkah was good, got a bunch of witty Tshirts, and my laptop got the blue screen of death! Woohoo! But my techy brother was able to save it, I owe him. And I know no one is gonna comment on this, but I'm not gonna boost it in the forums like I did with my last one, a comment from the Fulp is as good as 1,000 comments. Though a thousand comments would be pretty nice.

There are so many games with medals that now I'm no longer close to being in the top 100 or something. It's not as simple as it used to be, when if you were good at Portal Defenders or Thing Thing Arena 3, you were at the top. Oh well.

I'm really liking the idea of DumpingGrounds, and have already uploaded a few things to it. I like the premise, finally game makers can show off WIPs without using SpamTheWeb. Also, it's good for backing up important shit. However, i wish music files could be uploaded too, I got a couple of babies I wanna unload. Hopefully that will be added soon.

Have a merry Christmas! And in Jewish tradition, I'll be off with my family watching a movie then eating Chinese food!

-nuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhn uhnuh ROCKYACE42 - MAAAN!


An apology letter to Newgrounds

2009-11-28 23:22:47 by rockyace42

Sorry I've been neglecting you NG, I visited you every day, I just never had the time to talk to you. Of course I deposited XP every day, but I need to make blog and forum posts again Baby.

Please take me back. I promise I won't beat you, and I'll come home with a fresh batch of medals every so often. I appreciate all the great feedback I've gotten from my music, I really do, I just wish you could scout me again like you used to.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take me back and let me play Dale and Peakot and Level UP! (the games aren't working for me, anyone else got this problem?)

And don't get so jealous. Just because Tom used my suggestion for the Treausre Hunt 09 (5 from the bottom), Time TIme: Rewound by Joe-Kangaroo (orange Links galore!), it doesn't mean I love him more than you. I heard a rumor he's got a nasty case of HPV anyway.

So in conclusion NG, can't we just screw and get things back to normal again?

EDIT: Holy fucking shit. Tom Fulp. well my lifetime NG goal has been met. Guess this is you saying you love me back, NG

Im Back, New Banner, New Sig!

2009-08-21 11:41:29 by rockyace42

Not that anyone really cares, but yeah, I'm back. TheSpicanator made my awesome new banner, hit him up if you need a new one too.

I got an awesome new banner from Scuzzfest, one of those "It's Goddamn [Animated Character], Bitch!", though I think I might be a little bit late to the party. It's a shame that JaY11's laptop was broken, otherwise he would've made one in a heartbeat.

I'm kinda falling behind in medals, but it's ok. Just as long as people know I'm not a noob at gaming, it's good. Going back to school in a couple of weeks. That's all for now. Adios, Muchachos.

News For Yous!

2009-07-24 20:56:09 by rockyace42

New user image (the old one was so fucking ugly), Level 18, close to getting in the top 5,000 for blam/protect points (I'm at 5,001 at the moment). Don't forget to check out my art and audio, I'm continuing to expand my collection of medals, I got over 500 posts, and I'm trying to get a new BBS sig and user page header. I'll explain more if I do get them both. I'm gonna be away for a month, so don't expect anything new for a while. Thats about it.

Am I good enough for the art portal?

2009-06-18 17:25:41 by rockyace42

No, I'm not asking for anyone to scout me, but do you guys think I'm good enough for the art portal?

I tried drawing a solider helping out a wounded solider. Though i screwed with the colors to give it a cool vibe. What do you guys think?

EDIT: I submitted It, so scout me if you feel like it

Am I good enough for the art portal?

Update... New Audio Clip... Random NG Peeves... SHAZZAM!!!

2009-05-13 17:41:33 by rockyace42

Okay... so lets see here... A book? An Average Rockyace42 Update For Dummies? Seems easy enough...

Step 1: Shameless Audio Plug

I just released a brand spanking new audio piece, RecycleLand. I finished it in school a while ago, but I've been too lazy to upload it.

Step 2: Flaunt My Medal Collection Around

I've made it up to 5,190 points. I've seen a bunch of guys with more points than me, but I feel pretty well up there. Can't wait to see the first movie with medals. And then the inevitable first spammer to give 300 points for watching a movie with just one frame.

Step 3: Random Rant

How come the Cat Face series by TheWeebl doesn't have it's own series page? For god's sake, A Small Favor (pretty fun game, by the way) already has a series page, and there's only one game in it so far! Cat Face has 12 episodes!

And thats about it! Don't forget to dress in layers, Newgrounders!