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Kk Versus Ff-the Fight Kk Versus Ff-the Fight

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great, But It's Time to Make Something New

I really enjoyed this, but this is basically just another version of your previous successful movie, Luis C Versus Tom F. All you did was change the characters. I liked this, but I don't want all of your animations to be huge fights against 2 people. Sure, the first movie was awesome, but you need to movie on. But great animation, music, and voice acting (HIGH QUALITY!). Hopefully Hulaloo will win the fight against unoriginality.

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Hulalaoo responds:



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great, But Different

This was a really great little movie! I loved the handrawn technique, I can really tell you worked hard. I loved the fighting as well, but It didn't seem to be like TOFUZILLA at all. He was battling a bunch of crazy things, but no a tofu monster, and that was the whole point of the first movie. However, you are the creator, meaning you decide what happens, so Its not a really big deal. i can't wait to see how the third part turns out!

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danomano65 responds:

well, the way you see the first movie, and the way i see it are very different. you'll understand everything in the third movie. I'm afraid people aren't going to like this one because they are out of the loop.

Jackie Jackie

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Great, but not as good as Jerry

(I like everything in this movie except the stuff I'm listing)

*I loved your great voice acting, as always, but I kinda thought that Princess Aurora wasn't the right choice for Jackie. It just sounded out of place. And also, what did she say, like 4 words? I'm not sure if you personally know her, but I think that you could have done without Aurora, maybe try doing it yourself, or get someone like Tomar who is a well known voice actor. I'm sure the guy could definitely have found some time to do 2 lines, with definitely a better voice, but then again, anyone would be better than your choice.

* This toon was missing something. It lacked the originality and shocker at the end that the original Jerry had, and also the whole "daily life" kind of feel. It also lacked the dark comedy Jerry and the Closet had. It wasn't very funny, and although I did like Papa Johnson's cameo and how the story intermingeled with Jerry's, it just didn't have the same feel of the original Jerry.

* It was obvious you basically copied and pasted frames of the original Jerry and Jerry and the Closet into this (stealing money, burning in hell) into this flash. Try to go the extra mile, man!

Overall, I liked what this flash could have been, but I think you weren't at your comedic best. I do however like the idea of other Jerry characters' stories, and hopefully I'll be giving the next one a 10 (but I'd rather have Jerry in hell).


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Beat Bot Beat Bot

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome Dressup Game!

There should've been more options, but being that it was a rushed little dressup game, it's a damn good one. I made an Iron Man! If you want to see it, its on my userpage.

Magic Pink Man 2 Magic Pink Man 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just What I Wanted in a Sequel!

I loved the first MPM, and when I reviewed it, I wrote

"Please I beg of you, make a longer sequel! Maybe expand on the story a bit and add more enemies, but I think the rest of the game should be like the original."

And you did all of that! I loved having more characters to interact with than just bears, cows, gray people, and the green merchant, who I could finally buy things from! By the way, this was probably unintentional, but the evil wizard seems alot like the Ice Wizard from the game in the movie Big. Probably me just being a nerd.

I liked how you improved the quest, adding more items to get and use, but I think you could still take this to a higher level, with a bunch of missions and stuff. Sure, that would be alot of work, and that would take away the retro-ness of it all, but It would be pretty awesome.

Now for a couple of nerd questions about the MPM world.

How did the magic pink man meet the mystic pink girl? Being that the game was a direct continuation of the first one (which I thought was a pretty nifty idea), she would probably have to be exiled from the village before MPM was. That might be a kinda cool prequel idea, either her story or him living in the village. Or maybe he just saw her for the first time, and decided to help her out, one pink abomination helping another.

Whats the story behind the Money-loving Green Merchants (stupid name, yeah, yeah)? Was this the same merchant from the first game? If so, how the hell did he get to the village area before MPM? If he was the same person, I'm assuming he must be an abomination too. If hes a different merchant, why are all merchants green? Are they predetermined at birth for if they're going to be a merchant or not? Or do they become green after becoming merchants?

And whats the Magic (Blue) Magician's deal? I don't want to over analyze such a simple game, so I won't ask about all the giant bosses (loved the sumo's base, by the way), but I have to wonder about the magician.

Overall, wonderful sequel. I'd hate to see this to be the last entry in the MPM universe though. Great music, great opening cutscene, great ideas, and a great game. I still love tipping those cows.


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AustinBreed responds:

Sweet, thanks dude. And I've never seen Big all the way through, but that's funny. Jeremy Grandorff, who actually did the cutscene at the beginning, designed the basic look for the Magic Magician, so maybe he got the idea from somewhere else.

I really like that prequel idea. Mike and I already had some ideas and recordings for a third MPM, and maybe we could incorporate that somewhere in the plot. The entire idea for this game was equally as absurd as a man who is born pink, and therefore exiled from his home city: It left off from last time where he's just getting out of his homelands to explore, and he sees another "pink-kind." From there his main mission is to rescue her to find out what she's about. Of course, that didn't become the focus of this game, it was mostly just about getting to the Magician and killing him.

The merchants are more like a family, or merchants with the same code. They're basically the entrepreneurs of this small world. So no, it wasn't the same dude.

Yeah, the Magician's motives weren't explained too well in this game. The pink people have some sort of awesome power to touch things and hurt them, so he was trying to capture her and use that power. He was a cool villian for a while- he lived in a cave and had pet ogres and stuff.
The Danger Cat and Dog were owned by the magician and set to just keep track of keys to his cave, so that no one would be able to just walk around.
The Sumo boss was the guard to the secrets of that magic sword, something the Magician was trying to uncover. The Sumo was basically a test before you could just take that sword. At first I wanted to go for an oriential thing, but I decided not to when doing that section.

Thanks for the support!

REPLAYING :the game: REPLAYING :the game:

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A Great Sequel!

Well what can I say, it took you a while, but it was well worth it.

I loved the first game, and while this game lacks the shock and awe-someness of the first game, it's still got it's charm. Plus, with more highscore games, achievements, and the awesome level editor, it's definitely a sequel, and not just a bunch of more levels. Loved Epicroll.

Check out some of my levels! And when is the Sharing API coming out? I can't wait for it!

http://pastebin.c a/1733706
http://pastebin.c a/1733701
http://pastebin.c a/1733684

(take out the space in between c and a)

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I'm Not Out Yet I'm Not Out Yet

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This really sounds good, i could totally listen to this for a while (i.e. background music in a game). The almost complete silence at :58 kind of killed it for me, but it got back to a good energy level quick enough. Keep up the great sounds!

Dookeymuffin responds:

LOL thanks rocky. For :58 I couldn't think of any other way to kill the beat! Ty for your review.

!Boump !Boump

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This sounds pretty good. There are some parts where all the sounds just blend together into a clusterfuck, but overall you met your "minimal house" goal. Didn't totally love whatever the sound was that started at 1:00, it got a bit too loud around 1:15. But what do I know? amirite??

Dookeymuffin responds:

Ooh you're right! I'll re-upload this one, taking your fawking comments into consideration ^^

[Assios] - Midnight [Assios] - Midnight

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty catchy

I loved the great energy I got from this song!

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Assios responds:

Cool! Thanks :)

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The Virus Killers The Virus Killers

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Cool!

Cool characters! I'd love to see The Virus Killers in the future! You really should be scouted by now. And thanks for the Robot Day user image, I gave you credit in my robot day news post.

Rockyace42's Banner Rockyace42's Banner

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Totally Awesome!!!

Dude, that rocks! Thanks so much! I owe you one!